YSRCP keen on Agriculture Issues

has keen on agricultural issues. Party Agriculture wing strongly studied the
previous statement of party on policy matters.

president Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy expressed concern over the recommendation that
the Union government give the task of procuring food grain from farmers to the
respective State governments instead of the FCI. “How can the Union government
trust the State governments to perform the duties of the FCI, which had been
procuring up to 75 per cent of the produce for the past 10 years?” he said in
his previous letter submitted to centre, Mr. Jagan said the State governments
had neither the financial resources nor the wherewithal to take over FCI
operations. This was evident from the fact that the AP and Telangana
governments did not make any allocation for market operations during the
current financial year, he added.

YSRC also expressed concern over the recommendation that the government offer a
fertiliser subsidy of Rs. 7,000 a hectare. “This will adversely affect States
like Andhra Pradesh, which are the largest consumers of NPK. Restricting
fertiliser subsidy to Rs. 7,000 a hectare will not meet the requirement of even
one crop, and farmers will be forced to buy fertilisers at market prices for
subsequent crops. This will entail a huge financial burden on them. The
government should, therefore, reject the recommendations of the Shanta Kumar
Committee and take steps to fix the Minimum Support Price for all crops in line
with the recommendations of the M.S. Swaminathan Committee.

agriculture wing is concentrated these policy matters now.


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