Yellow Mafia Pursuing Tehasildar Vanajakshi

Vijayawada: The difficulties are still chasing the Women Tehasildar who
fought the illegal sand mafia. To stop the sand smuggling she sat as
obstruction to the tractors and fought against the irregularities. At that time
the TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar arranged assault on her, and she was dragged
in the sands, this event caused a sensation at that time. Yet, the Government
did not provide support to her, and on top of it she was summoned to the Camp
Office and was threatened. They protected MLA Chintamaneni and at last, in the
cabinet meeting they declared that it was all her mistake. Recently, the women
Tehasildar Vanajakshi received a threatening letter. The letter warned her to
leave city in 10 days or else threatened to wrong actions. In one letter they
warned that already two times trial was carried out to kill her. They mentioned
in the letter that they were asked to kill her a few days after the stir in the
Sand Reich. Vanajaksi turned to the police for help.

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