Yellow Leaders' Special Robbery Fund

Hyderabad: The Special Development Fund that is in Chandrababu's control is gradually completely changing to be 'Yellow leaders' Special Robbery Fund'. Prominently, nomination system is filling the pockets of the yellow leaders.

Chandrababu has changed it all

Before, funds used to be sanctioned to constituencies based on recommendations from the respective MLAs. As the MLAs elected by the people allotted the funds, officials used to get the work done. After Chandrababu came into power, the meaning of these funds has completely changed. TDP leaders are being given utmost importance in all the constituencies. TDP district presidents and local TDP leaders now get to decide which work is to be allocated how much money.

Robbery through nomination system

Funds can be allocated up to an amount of Rs.5 lakh through nomination system. With this, the work is being divided into tiny bits and major portions of the funds are being pocketed using nomination system and allotting the work to none other than TDP leaders. Officials are not saying know to this atrocity either. They are releasing funds as per the will of the TDP leaders and citing they have received phone calls from TDP senior leaders.

Agreement of portions of ernings

Portions are being decided while funds are being allocated. Agreement is being made for the TDP leader getting contracts to give portion of the earnings to the senior leaders of the party. Finally it is the people's money that is being divided among them. It is not an exaggeration to say that 90% of the funds are being unlawfully pocketed.

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