What's With Chandrababu And The Capital Area?

  • Lands not being leased to
  • Government passing time with
    lame excuses
  • Labourers meet the same fate
  • Amaravathi: The Government that is hastily
    shifting its employees to the capital region is just ignoring the farmers who
    have sacrificed for the sake of the capital. Chandrababu is simply passing time
    in Velagapudi, not bothering to even lay eye on other villages. He is scared of
    being confronted about compensation promised to the farmers.

    Lies told at that time

    Chandrababu’s Government has uttered
    many lies for snatching lands from farmers. Many false promises were done like
    allocation of plots in the same village at the same location to the farmers
    giving away their lands, Government jobs to the educated members of the farmers’
    households, free food in Anna canteens to be established in all villages and
    cities, old age homes for the aged and pensions for agricultural labourers.

    All the promises ignored

    Hasty trials are being made to give away
    the lands in capital area to companies of Singapore. Nobody seems to be
    bothered about giving plots to the farmers. Minister Narayana, however, is
    mentioning the plots now and then.

    Farmers awaiting their

    Chandrababu entered into agreement with 24,000
    farmers about paying their taxes without fail every year with additional 10% as
    interest. As part of this, Rs.30,000-50,000 was promised to every farmer. At
    first, the payment was done to gain the trust of the farmers and convince the
    others. But this year’s tax has not been paid.

    Pension that should be given to farmers
    also is at stake. Almost 50,000 agricultural labourers lost their livelihood.
    Showing lame excuses, only 38,000 of them were concluded to be eligible for
    pension. Even from them, only 20,000 of them were filtered to be eligible,
    citing various reasons. They have been roaming around CRDA office since March
    due to not receiving their pension.

    That explains his distance
    from the villages

    Knowing all these facts well,
    Chandrababu and his ministers are staying away from those villages except
    Velagapudi. Scared of being questioned, they are just keeping officials
    available for people while they are keeping distance.

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