Vote Politics To mask Incompetence

  • Ruling party’s misdeeds
    in light of Municipal Elections
  • Elimination of votes of YSRCP likers
  • Promises not
    being implemented chasing TDP
  • Postponement of municipal elections for 3 years
where elections have to be held

Corporations: Greater Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Guntur, Ongole,
Kurnool, Tirupati, Srikakulam

Municipalities: Rajam, Nellimarla, Kandukuru,
  • While Guntur Corporation has 4,81,544 voters, 1,22,223 votes have been
    eliminated, which means about 25% of the votes have been removed. It has been
    noted in Chandrababu’s dashboard too. But the Government does not have an
    answer as to why such huge number of votes have been cancelled.
  • To reorganise the voters’ list of Kurnool Municipal Corporation, a door-to-door
    survey has been held. During this, 41,311 votes have been removed due to
    pressure from ruling party leaders.
  • 1,33,898 votes increased in this year, but during additions and deletions, 73,121
    votes have been removed. Most of these are favourers of YSRCP.

The ruling party is hesitating to hold the elections that should have been
conducted long ago. Chandrababu has not implemented at least one of the
promises he made at the time of elections in 2014. So TDP is scared to face
local elections. Now that it has no choice but to hold elections, the ruling
party is resorting to misdeeds to get into power by hook or crook. To hinder
the domination of YSRCP in the victory, it is doing many forbidden acts.

Knowing that they
cannot mold people's minds in their favour, they are removing the votes of
those who favour YSRCP. Certain social classes have been considered as
favouring YSRCP and the votes belonging to those classes are being targeted for
removal. If the votes are kept TDP is certain to meet defeat.

Fear of defeat

The Municipal
Elections took place just before 2014 general elections. The elections at 7
corporations and municipality did not happen due to various reasons. With no
elections happening for years, the development in those areas has failed. In
Guntur, special officer administration has been going on since September 30,
2010. About the merger of 8 villages near Guntur, there was no clarity. Elections
should have happened in Guntur, Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Kurnool, Ongole,
Tirupati and Srikakulam corporations. But they were not held after TDP came to
power in 2014.

Promises slaughtered

Chandrababu made
many impossible promises prior to elections. In the 2.5 years of rule he has
not implemented any one of them. So he is afraid to face people. Moreover, the
yellow leaders have been swallowing crores of rupees in the name of welfare
schemes. Janmabhoomi committees that were formed against the constitution
intervene in almost all the government activities, ultimately facing opposition
from the general public. Nobody in urban areas has been sanctioned new pensions.
Good quality houses or housing plots have not been granted as promised. All
these reasons gave rise to fury among people towards TDP leaders. In such a
situation, the leaders of the party have no courage to face the public. So
there resorted to remove the votes of those who favour YSRCP, in order to win
through backdoor.

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