Truth behind Ragging - Culprits are found safe

Guntur: The deeds done by
the Government in the case of suicide of Rishiteswari are slowly revealed. From
the news updates of news papers, the District Judicial authority responded. The
Architecture college principal Babu Rao, Chief Warden, Swaroopa Rani of
Nagarjuna University attended at judicial authority office, Gunture. They
provided the information in relation to the Rishiteswari’s death. Later they
spoke to media.

The Chief warden,
Swaroopa Rani, agreed that there is ragging going on the Nagarjuna University
premises. She also mentioned that they took action on the complaint given by a
girl student in the past. She said that they sent almost 5 students back to
their homes. 

But, the news is that
last month 30th, chief warden Swaroopa Rani has resigned for her
post. The reason stated by Swaroopa Rani is that she could not take and accept
the news of Rishiteswaris suicide. But, still she mentioned that she will
support to resolve this case. 

On the other side, though
there were many complaints and comments raised on the Architecture College
Principal, Babu Rao, it is observed that some personalities in the Government
are supporting him well. So, efforts are made in diverting the case to other
directions is what is known from University people. Overall, to dilute the
investigation in this case, efforts are made by few members involved in
Government is what is heard.

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