TRS not concerned welfare of all sections: YS Jagan

Addressing a massive public meeting in Turrur as part of the party's campaign for the Warangal by-poll, the YSRCP President YS Jagan said the TRS government failed to come to the rescue of the farmers. He stated that the TRS failed to fulfill its poll promise of three acres of land for every Dalit family. On the first day of his campaign for the by-polls, YS Jagan addressed the electorate in Palakurti, Vardannapeta and Torrur.
At all the venues, he urged the people to question the TRS party about the necessity of the Warangal by-poll. This is the summary of his speech:

We all know why these bi-elections have come up. They made the MP resign and gave Minister Position to him. They thought let bi-elections come but we want our person in the minister council. If TRS comes and asks for vote you question them.

We would be very proud if that resignation is done to achieve special status but that was done due to their fondness on position. This bi-election is due to their selfish intentions.

We have seen the golden era of the great leader Late Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy’s government. I ask you to put your hands on your hearts and tell if you have ever seen such an effective rule. He ruled in such a way that no other Chief Minister has ever attempted. Thus he remains in our hearts as a great leader.

So many Chief Ministers have ruled but Late Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy strived to uplift the poor. There are two reasons for poverty. The poor man borrows money for their children’s education. Their children must get good education if they have to come out of poverty. So the great leader implemented fee reimbursement so that their children will get higher education. Next, medical treatment has to be provided at free of cost. SO he implemented Aarogya Sree and gave quality medication to the poor people.

I will tell you two things.

1.       Throughout the country the government’s constructed 41 lakh houses but in AP alone he constructed 48 lakh houses.

2.       He distributed 20 lakh acres of land to the poor.

You are witnessing how the now governments are ruling. The government promised that every dalit will be given 3 acre land but they did not give at least 1600 acres. They promised that two bedroom houses will be constructed but ask them how many houses were constructed. Only 395 houses were completed that too only in Hyderabad.

In Orugallu alone, 150 farmers committed suicides. The cotton farmer is not getting support prices for their harvest. But the government has not initiated any supportive measure.

In YSR’s reign the price of quintal cotton is more than six thousand rupees. But now? The farmer is not getting at least three thousand rupees. What is the situation of the farmer?

The government is not giving funds for fee reimbursement. For the year 2014-15 against 2452 crores fee reimbursement 1530 crores is still pending. Why is the government not bothered about poor students education? If you vote for KCR he will not change.

You ask why you should vote for Congress. They are claiming that the schemes introduced by YSR are their initiations then why other states are not introducing those schemes? The Congress party does not have any values.

We will never be uplifted if we vote for Telugu desam. We should never vote for TDP because that parties foundation is based on treachery and deceit. If BJO asks you for your vote question them why they have not fulfilled so many promises made during election campaigns.

Only YSRCP has the right to ask for your vote. The Great Leader has done better to every village and every one. We will strive to reinstate the golden era of that great leader by casting vote to YSRCP. The leader in contest is a good & polite human being. Please cast your vote to him and elect him in this bi-election. 

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