Is there more to KE's anti-Congress statements than meets the eye?

Deputy Chief Minister KE Krishna Murthy is sullen and angry. He is so upset that even when Chandrababu is singing paeons to the Congress Party and is hnting at a possible alliance, KE is slamming the Congress and is saying that he would never have any truck with the Congress.

KE seems to forget that Chandrababu too has his roots in the Congress and was a minister in the Congress government. It is because of this old connections, Chandrababu had bailed out the Congress whenever it found itself in a tricky situation. In fact, he helped the ruling Congress even when he was the leader of the Oppostion. It may be recalled that he wrote three letters seeking division of Andhra Pradesh and all these letters were directed to the Congress. Congress too helped him in defeating its own leaders. Such is the opportunistic politics of Chandrababu. They together helped divide the AP and are now working together.

Chandrababu now is going rought the town tomtomming that Rahul Gandhi has agreed to accord special status to Andhra Pradesh. But, KE, who is a die-hard anti-Congress politician and has never joined hands with the Congress, is dead opposed to this move of Chandrababu. While Chandrababu feels that everything in fair in politics, KE feels joining hands with the Congress is like turning the party philosophy on its head.

Interestingly, the Congress-TDP links are very old. They came together to weaken the YSRCP. They both worked together to put Jagan behind the bars. During the 2014 elections, however, Chandrababu blamed the Congress for the bifurcation and strangely, the Congress had never revealed that it had divided the state only after Chandrababu gave them letters of consent. Congress remained silent even when he was saying that division was a historical necessity while in Telangana and that division was unjustified and unscientific while in Telangana. Such is their friendship.

Now, Chandrababu wants to pay back by entering into an alliance and sharing seats in both the states. Even during the Karnataka elections, he paid back the Congress by sending his government employees to campaign in against the BJP. Given all these, why is KE getting angry now? Why did he keep silent all these years when Babu was hobnobbing with the Congress? Is it indicative of something cooking within the TDP?

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