TDP faces ‘Son’ stroke

  • Babu supports his party leaders’ offenses; Fathers support their sons’ misdeeds
  • Sons’ felonies continue to see light
  • Sons of Bonda Uma, Ravela and now Anam
  • Hyderabad: Telugu Desam Party leaders are facing ‘son’ stroke even before the summer has begun. Contexts of leaders’ sons exposing their shady characters are increasing day by day. As the respective fathers are defending their sons, Chandrababu is offering them warranty of safety. So the felonies are accelerating.

    Goony behaviour in the capital area

    Vijayawada’s TDP MLA Bonda Uma is already notorious for using abusive language against opposition party MLAs in the assembly. He has stood as support for various illegal activities like ‘Call Money sex racket in Vijayawada. His son Ravi Teja rallied in the city with heavy vehicles on his birthday. Driving in wrong route and exhibiting goon behaviour, he lived up to the name earned by his father. His issue was simply overlooked by the police. His other son Siddharth drove his vehicle recklessly. When he bluffed that a dog came in front of his vehicle, the police believed him and left him loose.

    Minister Ravela’s son also gives a dog a character in his story

    Minister Ravela Kishore Babu’s son Ravela Susheel was caught eve teasing a teacher in broad daylight at Banjara Hills of Hyderabad by grabbing her hand. People nearby held him, beat him up and handed him over to the police. Ravela Susheel managed to find his route out of the police station. Later he chose to narrate a dog’s story too. He stated that he saw a dog in front of his car, so he got down and a woman started shouting at him unnecessarily. His father Ravela Kishore Babu certified that his son was very good at heart and remarked that this accusation was only a result of conspiracy by opposition party leader YS Jagan.

    Anam’s son follows

    Ex. Minister and TDP leader Anam Ramanarayana Reddy’s son has a controversy that saw light lately. Anam Subhankar Reddy, who visited Srikalahasthi temple with his friends, entered into a verbal war with the endowments officials of the temple. He severely threatened woman EO Bhramaramba that he would get her transferred to a different place using Chandrababu’s influence. He did not listen to the staff who tried to explain that he could not be given any special respect without any protocol eligibility.

     Ultimately, sons of TDP leaders are giving hard time to their fathers as well as the party president and CM, as they end up defending the actions of their children. Seeing how the misdeeds of the leaders’ sons are being defended by the dads, it can be understood how nice TDP’s ways are.

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