Student Suicides : Corporate Colleges Goes Scot Free In AP

Negligent attitude adopted by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's government  on the spate of suicides by students reported in two noted corporate colleges  left many families in deep sorrow in Andhra Pradesh.  

Shockingly, students are committing suicides unable to cope with the pressure mounted by collages particularly Chaitanya and Narayana Educational institutions. In some cases, students went missing. The student community was trapped in the Web of corporate colleges where they were subjected to forceful studies and everyday harassment. 

Since Narayana institutions owned by AP Municipal Administration and Urban Development minister P Narayana,  not a single case was registered against the management. State HRD minister Ganta Srinivas, who happens to be close relative of Narayana,  confined to serve notices on the colleges. 

No action has been taken against any of the two institutions so far. Instead,  the minister said the incidences of suicides increased only  because of family problems and love affairs. 

The managements are  running  institutions and hostels without any permission at several places. The HRD minister did not take any initiative to curb running institutions illegally. Government also did not ask the institutions  to pay compensation to the victim families.  

Under pressure,  police are not registering cases against the managements even as the parents lodged complaints instantly. Chandrababu Naidu appealed Andhra Pradesh people to give birth more children but there is no guarantee of their survival in the wake of  increasing suicides.
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