So, This Is Babu's New Lure!!!

  • Chandrababu is notorious for foul plays
  • Same thing now applies to defector MLAs
  • Criticism against Chandrababu's actions

Hyderabad: Chandrababu is habitual of gaining political benefits  from slaughtering democracy. He is trying the same strategy to attract defectors.

Original inspiration

The tradition of allotment of funds according to constituencies started during the tenure of late PM PV Narasimha Rao. It was later applied to the states too. Hence, every constituency is allotted certain amount of funds for its development, which are spent on the work suggested by the respective MLAs. This tradition is intended to give prominence to people's actual needs. It has not changed during the course of change of Governments ever since. The funds are released to MLAs of almost all states irrespective of their political party.

Babu's atrocious ways come into picture here

Chandrababu, who is an expert in oppressing the voice of the opposition, has shown his cunning nature here. He has changed the name of constituency's funds as 'Chief Minister's funds'. He has pushed aside the inspiration behind the allocation of funds and started allotting funds to only those constituencies represented by TDP MLAs. Later, funds started to be released to TDP leaders wherever TDP MLAs stood, in spite of their not having any cadre.

Defectors enjoy their status

Recently, Chandrababu has used his cunning attitude again with the defectors. It is known that certain MLAs of YSRCP migrated to TDP, having enticed with money or power. In those constituencies where defecting MLAs represent the people, he has started allotting the CM funds to them. Any way, it has to be understood that Chandrababu is not hesitating to employ the Government's money for enticing leaders of opposition party into TDP.

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