Public Voice Echoed In Rythu Bharosa Yatra

Ananthapuram: Local people voluntarily took party in huge number in the fifth phase of the Rythu

Bharosa Yatra staged by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan
in Ananthapuram district. YS Jagan gave high importance to listening to what
the people had to share. He spoke face-to-face with the farmers of
Pedavaduguru. During this event, certain farmers and women narrated how they
had been deceived by Chandrababu’s Government.

Krishnareddy, Chinnavaduguru:

I have 11 acres of land. Chandrababu promised waiver of loan on
my land. I was told I did not have to pay a single rupee. But I still have
Rs.1.5 lakh of gold loan and Rs.75,000 crop loan. Only Rs.8,000 has been
waived. Interest on both the loans is Rs.56,800. We did not renew either of the
loan for two years. Finally we lost everything. We are facing severe issue with
water too. During YSR’s tenure, our canal was allocated 1.5 TMC of water. Due
to lack of rainfall and scarcity of water in dams, even that water is not
available. Now JC brothers have added to this unfair situation. 70 days of
water provision was promised but it did not even happen for 50 days. Our
problems will be alleviated only if YS Jagan becomes the CM.

Mallaiah, Mutyala

Compensation was not offered for the 4 acres of my land that was
destroyed. I have a bank loan of Rs.25,000 which was not waived either. Burden
of interest on the loan is another thing. Crop insurance also was not given.
Input subsidy also was denied. They are lying openly and shamelessly.

Ramachandra Raju, Medimakulapalle

I have 8 acres of land, gold loan of Rs.80,000 and crop loan of
Rs.80,000. Rs.12,000 of it was said to have gone. I paid Rs.8000 interest
again. Rs.2 interest was agreed for. Since, then I did not pay interest as
Chandrababu promised to pay it. Now we are expected to pay more interest.
Notices were released for auction of the gold mortgaged. Then I mortgaged my
land to set the gold free. Compound interest is being imposed. Not one rupee of
crop insurance was given. Input subsidy is out of question. Seeds are not
sprouting. There is no guarantee for rainfall as long as Chandrababu is in
power. If we are alive till the next elections, we shall not vote for him

Chandravathi, DWCRA woman

We are a group of 15. We took a loan of Rs.5 lakh. We voted for TDP, believing
it would keep the promise of waiving our loans. We did not pay the debt,
believing in Chandrababu. Not one rupee has been waived. Interest turned out to
be Rs.30,000 in just 3 months.

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