Political anarchy on the anvil!

Most famed American TV star Groucho Marx once said that politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies. 

Politicians of Andhra Pradesh seem to have perfected this dubious art in keeping the Telangana pot boiling for ever with their wrong diagnosis. All most all political parties in the state have thought they have diagnosed the issue perfectly but in the process they failed to see that that they are getting it more complicated.

With the Hamlet’s dilemma marking their political insolvency, the political leaders are taking the state to ransom in all respects and the people to their wits’ end. The roadmap to anarchy is clear. 

On the other hand, the political canvas of AP is becoming messier and messier day by day over the Telangana issue which has become a hard nut to crack with all stake holders continuing their nonchalant attitude towards the nagging problem and pushing the once politically peaceful state to the brink. 

With Congress politicians, at Hyderabad and Delhi as well, unleashing their lose tongues  and contradictory outbursts that tend to confuse people and send wrong signals over the issue, more energy has been injected into the  Sept 30th Telangana March.

While TDP president Chandrababu Naidu’s long waited T letter has only added fuel to the murky state of affairs, the Maoists posture to the TRS chief KCR as to why he has failed to condemn or question the loose talk of Vayalar Ravi has made things attract a possible violent colour in future.

The next few days will reveal as to where we are heading and what fate will befall our populace. 

(Updated on Sept 27, 2012)

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