Opposition YSRCP Leaders Not Invited For Assembly's Inauguration

  • No invitation for YSRCP
  • No protocol followed by TDP at the time of assembly's inauguration
  • Story made ready when criticism was faced
It is surprising how Chandrababu, who often boasts about his seniority, forgot to follow the protocol at the time of inauguration of the newly-constructed assembly building in AP's new capital. The Telugu culture, reflected in the party's name and the publicity being made, seems to be missing in practice. The ethics he keeps speaking of, are missing in his deeds.

Self-respect is confined to publicity
TDP Government has lately made a habit of doing wrong things and trying to cover them up by putting the blame on the opposition party. Chandrababu does not care as much as working on his publicity on giving the leader of opposition the respect he deserves. Suppressing rights provided by the constitution like nowhere in India, he ordered for hindering the way of the leader of opposition when he reached Visakhapatnam airport to show protest against the Government's negligence to people's welfare and got him arrested on the runway.

MLA RK Roja was invited to attend the women's parliament but was sent back right from the airport. He cared the least to visit the victims of the bus accident that took place 30 km away from the capital of the state, killing 11. When the leader of opposition, YS Jagan, traveled 300 km to meet the victims and their families and console them, the CM hindered him again. Moreover, he got false cases registered against him, giving focus to words rather than meaning.

The leader of opposition was projected on the yellow media to be threatening the police who had stopped him from attending the candlelight rally conducted on January 26 at Visakhapatnam in support of sanction of special category status, but the importance of special category status was totally neglected to be shown.

Chandrababu's dictionary states that the meaning of work is to say words and present manifestos.

Lies about inviting opposition party leaders
Chandrababu degraded himself to a stage where he lied about inviting opposition party leaders to the inauguration of the new assembly. Upon fearing confrontation about the absence of opposition party leaders in the inauguration ceremony, he directed the drama that soon began to be publicised.

It started to be bluffed that the assembly's secretary tried to reach the leader of opposition and YS Jagan's OSD received the call and promised to inform him. YSRCP's senior leader, Srikanth Reddy also got the invitation, as is being claimed. TDP is also bluffing that Congress leader, C.Ramachandraiah was said to be busy when they invited him. Certain other leaders were said to be invited through sms. There is no surprise Chandrababu is lying again bluntly, as is his habit.

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