This one word terrifies Chandrababu most

Know which one word terrifies the TDP most? It’s a no brainer!! It’s U Turn. Mention U turn to the TDP, he gets jittery and confused. He goes into apology mode and starts explaining TDP’s position on special status. Ever since YS Jagan called Chandrababu ‘U Turn Babu,’ the title stuck. Babu’s U turn was mentioned even by Prime Minister Narenda Modi during the  No Confidence Motion.

The situation has now come to such a pass that if one googles for U Turn, Chandrababu’s images are popping up in the search results. The social media is trolling him for his frequent flipflops on the issue. He had once said AP needs special status for 15 years. Then he said special package was better than special status. Now, he says special status is the only panacea.  So, Chandrababu is now in defensive mode. In every meeting, he is explaining what is special status and how his actions were not U Turns.

He knows that thanks to his U Turns, the voters in Andhra Pradesh might very well ask him to take an About Turn. Hence, he is worried.

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