This is one thing that Chandrababu is most afraid of

Chandrababu Naidu claims himself to be as pure as a fire. And the saying goes that fire never gets rusted. But, why is our purest and fiercest fire Mr Chandrababu Naidu, who tomtoms he is pure as fire, is worried about being rusted?

He has everything going for him. He has a media that blindly and reverentially toes his line and amplifies whatever he blubbers. He has a battery of ‘his master’s voices’ who parrot the lines he churns out.  There is enough venom in the words and there are enough tongues to wag. There is a team that shamelessly peddles white lies. Despite all these, why is Chandrababu afraid? Why is he jittery?

Now the secret is out. Though he has everything going for him, one thing refuses to toe his line. That is social media, which is giving voice to the people. Now, social media is a platform for everyone and is democratic to the core. And the social media has been very frank in airing its opinion about Mr Pappu and Mr Babu. However hard he might try, he is unable to control the social media, which is stripping him naked. He is fretting and fuming over his inability to rein in the social media. He knows the social media is unmasking his carefully built image.

The fact is… the “Fire” is afraid of social media inferno and his son knows, however hard he might try, he will always remain a Pappu, because he, in fact, is a Pappu.
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