OMG!! Rs 31 crore for Chandrababu’s publicity?

On one hand Chandrababu wants the state to be frugal, but he himself has become a byword in splurging. His foreign tours and his meetings involve huge expenditure and is known to spend public money like it is water. His private flights and the monies splurged on it are too well known. But, do you know that even his  social media accounts entail huge expenditure?

Chandrababu has outsources his two social media accounts. He has appointed social media networking agency Hubilo at a whopping cost of Rs 6 crore for his Twitter and Facebook accounts. All that they do is to post two tweets a day. He has also roped in image building agency Group M to project the welfare schemes and developmental programmes of the State Government. Know how much he is spending on Group M! A jaw-dropping Rs 25 crore.

However, despite all these things,  he is unable to derive the kind of mileage he wants. He is unable to get a positive image. Well! The basic lesson is he has frittered away four years and no amount of publicity can resuscitate him. It’s the work that speaks not the PR agencies.
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