National media exposes TDP double game

The double game of the Telugu Desam Party has been exposed one more time. On one hand , it is claiming to be fighting against the Central Government relentlessly on the issue of special status. But, on the other, it is obstructing the parliament to ensure that the NO Confidence Motion does not come up for discussion at all. This has been exposed by the national media, which has released the footage of the TDP’s obstructionist role inside Parliament.

The footage clearly shows that the TDP MPs have trooped into the well and have shown placards. Due to this commotion, the motion could not be taken up for debate. The speaker has said that the motion could not be moved as the house was not in order. 

The national news channel has aired the footage and sought to know why the TDP was not allowing the debate to be taken up. It had even conducted a panel discussion on the issue in its prime time. Will TDP explain why it is playing this deadly double game.
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