Naidu had to eat humble pie at Peruru

TDP chief Chandrababu
Naidu, who has been continuing with his Padayatra in Ananthapuram district, had
to eat humble pie on Sunday when locals at Peruru cornered him with a volley of
questions over their problems.

When Chandrababu, who
launched his Yatra from Peruru on the sixth day of his marathon, interacted
with people, the locals bombarded him with their perennial problems and made him

Cattle-herder Venkatalakshamma
of the village told Naidu that she has been a resident of Peruru for the last
40 years but no one, including Paritala Ravi or Sunitha or any Congress leader
has given her a house. “What else shall I tell you? Do you think I am
workless?”she asked Naidu.

Shamim, another native
of the village, told Naidu there is no use of telling about their problems when
neither TDP nor Congress leaders did anything for him.

A student from Gurukula
School of the village questioned Naidu about the purpose of the Yatra. “I don’t
know why you are doing this Yatra and what purpose it would serve. Are you sure
people’s problems would be solved with this Yatra? Anyhow, why didn’t you
develop this area when you were the chief minister?” asked the student.

Naidu’s embarrassment
was conspicuous on his face when people listed out their problems such as lack
of power and water and non-arrival of pensions and ration cards. Sunitha, who
accompanied Naidu tried to avoid more humiliation for Naidu when she took out
the mike and asked local TDP leaders to speak.

Throughout his Yatra,
Naidu talked of his unselfishness and urge to serve the people and continued
his walk with a plethora of promises.


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