Mudragada all set to bury Kapu stir

Mudragada Padmanabham now vouches that the Kapu agitation has entered its last leg. Mudragada is currently backing the same Chandrababu, who had duped the Kapus.
Does this mean that the Kapu stir is going to die a slow death? Has an amenable package been worked out to benefit Mudragada? Has former CBI JD Lakshminarayana’s parley proved to be successful? Is Mudragada planning to put the Kapu issue in the cold storage?
Kapu reservations resolution was passed in AP assembly in 2017. But, this has to be ratified by the Centre. But, the Centre has not yet affixed its signature. So, it is clear that Chandrababu’s resolution on Kapu issue is not worth the paper on which it is written. Despite all these, Mudragada appears to be veering towards Chandrababu Naidu. 
Sources say that Mudragada’s meeting with JD Lakshminarayana has changed Mudragada forever. With elections fast approaching, Chandrababu and Mudragada are working in tandem to wean away Kapus. But, Kapus are steadfastly with YS Jagan, who had frankly admitted that it was not possible to give reservations to Kapus. Instead, the allocations for the community would be doubled, YS Jagan said. A large section of Kapus are impressed by YS Jagan’s straight forwardness and honesty. They are trying to back YS Jagan even as Mudragada is joining hands with Chandrababu.
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