Man of Lies

  • Babu and his ministers' cheap politics
  • Conspiracy to defame the opposition party
  • Yellow leaders envious of YS Jagan's popularity
  • False publicity in the yellow media
TDP raised curtains to defame YSRCP. Yellow leaders, envious to the popularity and affection being garnered by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, is initiating conspiracies to defame his party. Chandrababu could not digest the success of YS Jagan's tour in the capital region, supporting the farmers of the area. Using the name of MLA Akhila Priya, whom he had earlier bought, he started negative publicity in the yellow media, using fake video clips.
Amidst the traffic jam caused by the huge number of farmers and agricultural labourers who came forward to take part in YS Jagan's tour, Akhila Priya who tried to go by the route, had to turn back. Exploiting this incident, TDP MLAs started cooking up stories. Misusing their power, they pictured that Akhila Priya's car had been attacked. They sent the police force to take YSRCP activists under control, alleging them as assailants.
It is shameful of the yellow media to telecast this issue as a piece of 'breaking news', setting aside the real farmers' problems exposed during YS Jagan's tour. This is just another example of the conspiracy politics practised by TDP leaders, particularly Chandrababu.

TDP has the history of attacking women
Security for women started to fade away since TDP had come to power. People are being scared of TDP leaders' behaviour towards women. Attacks on women and exploitation of women gained acceleration in the past 2.5 years.
TDP MLA of Denduluru constituency, Chintamaneni Prabhakar's dragging woman Tehsildar Vanajakshi and beating her up has been forgotten by TDP soon enough. Such a leader was awarded by CM Chandrababu as the best MLA. The brother-in-law of Chandrababu and MLA Balakrishna spoke ill about women on a public dais. TDP MLA Velagapudi Ramakrishna threw a microphone on the woman who demanded removal of cell phone tower.
TDP leaders in Anakapalli took the life of a woman in a car accident, but the case was easily forgotten by TV channels with involvement of high level people. Rishiteswari's death in ANU campus due to ragging involved TDP people, so its inquiry never came to a conclusion, but the life was estimated with the cost of a flat. National Science Congress also felicitated the responsible person in Tirupati.

TDP minister Ravela Kishore Babu's son attempted to sexually assault a Muslim woman on the streets of Hyderabad in broad daylight. TDP leader Janimun came out to the media to inform about the hardship and the threatening she had faced. But it was ignored very soon. ZP chairperson of Macharla, Sridevi, committed suicide, unable to bear the harassment of her co-leaders. MLA Roja was verbally abused by other MLAs like Bonda Uma, but no action was taken. TDP leaders accused in sex racket are still roaming free.

Akhila changes words
There has been a huge change in what Akhila Priya spoke on the mentioned day of the assault and now. She stated on the first day that her car had been hindered. Now she is stating that YSRCP activists directly attacked her. Trusting the support of the yellow media, that is serving uncooked stories, she is changing gears at will, much to the disgust of the people of her own constituency, who are suggesting her to recall the past to remember who ensured her support and who threatened her.
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