At least now get some enlightenment ..!

Jagan is insisting on development...!

Fired on the injustice towards developing backward areas

The Leader of Opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagan fired on Chandrababu Naidu for neglecting and being unfair towards, YSRCP district, Rayalaseema and northern districts of Andhra Pradesh. YS Jagan visited Paidipalem project zone, Simhadripuram mandal, YSR district.  Later he spoke to reporters and stated that Naidu is discriminating the districts and being unfair to few district which is initiating emotional imbalances. Jagan stated that he is not against development but expects that all the districts should be equally developed.

Injustice to Rayalaseema!

Jagan mentioned that instead of setting up High Court in capital, it would be better to set the High court in a different place so that that region will also be developed. He reminded that when the area around Hyderabad itself is developed, there were many protests happened that time in the past. So, to avoid such instincts, development should be made all around Andhra Pradesh  indicated YS Jagan.

Rayalaseema will receive water via Pothireddypalem when the depth of water in the Srisailam reservoir is over 854 feet of water,  and when the water is moved down to delta region, for generating electricity, people of Rayalaseema  are dissatisfied, specified Jagan.

Vicious regime!

There is a feeling that seats were stopped from giving to students of  Rayalaseema in Padmavati Medical College,  YS Jagan said. He said Naidu is continuing his vicious regime showing inequality towards different districts and at least now, he needs to get enlightened, said Jagan.  Jagan commented that deciding on the drought zones in the districts shows the discrimination shown by Naidu. Jagan fired on Naidu for considering only one mandal as drought region, though the Pulivendula constituency is not having proper ground water and is a drought area. During the late Chief Minister YSR regime, projects have completed from 80 - 85 percent, however not even 10 percent of the project is completed after him, said Jagan.


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