Jaipal has no interest in CM's post

As the Congress leadership has decided to rejuvenate the party in AP with a view to retain power in the 2014 assembly elections, party efforts to find a replacement to the leadership in the state are coming to naught.

While the party high command is considering the names of Minister K. Jana Reddy, former PCC chief D Srinivas, senior leader Marri Shashidhar Reddy and Union Minister Jaipal Reddy as replacement for Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, Jaipal Reddy is said to have expressed his disinterest to take up the job.

70-year old Jaipal Reddy, who is reportedly planning to retire from active politics in the next two years, has bluntly told the High Command he would not be able to tour the entire state for injecting fresh life into the party rank and file.

He reportedly told his close friends that the leadership would take the credit if the party wins the 2014 assembly elections and put the blame on state leadership in case of a defeat at the hustings.

“I am not in a position to receive such treatment at the fag end of my career,” he is said to have commented with his friends.

Knowing full well it can’t form a government at the Centre without winning considerable number of MPs from AP in the next general elections, Congress is hell bent on giving fresh life to the Congress in the state.

As its fortunes in the next elections are also linked with the Telangana problem, Congress leadership wants to find a quick solution to the nagging T issue. The Congress leadership is not sure whether it would be able to win back the confidence of the Telangana people by replacing the present CM with a suitable candidate from Telangana area in case it decides to keep the state united.

The party also knows clearly that it would lose its base lock, stock and barrel in the Seema Andhra area in case a pro-Telangana decision is taken.

In this back drop, the congress leadership is also unable to take a clear decision on replacing Kiran Kumar with a leader from other Telangana leaders like Jana Reddy, Sasidhar Reddy or D.Srinivas.

The party big wigs are undoubtedly caught between the devil and a deep sea.

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