Jagan’s strike generated reunification

Guntur:  The Chandrababu Naidu government’s mind is not melting with the indefinite hunger strike lead by the leader of Opposition, YS Jagan since 7 days. Also, Naidu’s government is trying hard to mislead the people with his conspiracies by tampering medical reports and giving false information to people.

Apart from the CPM and CPI parties who extended their complete support to Jagan’s strike the other ideological parties like Lok satta and MRPS also complemented and supported the movement. Freshly, congress is also changing its voice towards that direction. It is planning to condemn the attitude of Naidu’s government on the strike. With this respect, it is identified that the Leader of Opposition, Senior leader in the Legislative Council C. Ramachandraiah is taking initiative.

It is observed that by YS Jagan’s strike, all prominent political parties are moving together towards a common goal to down play the Naidu’s government and its actions.  The integration of these political forces to move against the Chandrababu Naidu’s regime could help the people of Andhra Pradesh suffering with the present government. In this regard the senior political leaders are pushing their ideas towards a common direction.

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