Jagan stickers everywhere in Nara Lokesh meet

Think Nara Lokesh and think gafes and goof-ups. Minister Nara Lokesh is known to make mistakes whenever he opens his mouth. But this time around, it’s a goofup of another kind.

 The other day, he was in Tirupati to take part in the government’s Gruhapravesam programme. But, the venue had many quotes that said “Ravali Jagan Kavali Jagan.” 

Every chair at the public meeting had stickers supporting YS Jagan. Neither the officials, nor Lokesh realised this. It is only after the meeting was midway the officials noticed this. They hurriedly try to remove the stickers and replace the chairs. With this, everyone’s attention was drawn to the stickers and posters. 

 The people began watching the strange spectacle curiously. The officials then thought they were actually helping YS Jagan by drawing everyone’s attention and abandoned their efforts. The general public said Jagan was making his presence felt without even saying a word.

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