Jagan meets Prez, seeks relief for flood victims

Following is the full text of the letter submitted to President Pranab Mukherjee in Hyderabad by YSRCP chief Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy-led delegation seeking adequate compensation for the flood victims in the state.

November 5, 2013


Pranab Mukherjee ji

Excellency President of India                                       



the immediate aftermath of Phailin cyclone that lashed the East Coast of our
country, our state experienced unprecedented rains and floods across the state
in the last fifteen days causing widespread loss of life and property with the
farmers and the poor people taking the major brunt of the damage. As many as
sixteen out of twenty three districts in the State have been most severely affected.
About 5186 villages spread in 567 Revenue Mandals have been very badly damaged.
As per the official version, about 52 persons died and 6 others are missing
while an estimated 1.30 lakh people were shifted to relief camps. An estimated
50,000 houses were completely damaged. As per the official estimates, standing
crops about to be harvested in about 30 lakh acres of agricultural lands were
completely damaged besides the loss of 2500 cattle. About 937 major irrigation
and 2000 minor irrigation tanks were breached besides affecting 7586 kms of R
& B roads and 2500 km of Panchayat roads. There have been extensive damages
to fishing nets and boats besides the properties of over 2000 weaver families.

the Government estimates that the crop losses would be around Rs 3,352 cr, the
actual losses are going to be much higher. This is an unprecedented calamity by
any standards. The State Government’s responses both in 2009 when the State
faced a similar situation and in the Neelam cyclone in 2012 were highly
disappointing. Even in those floods, there was extensive damage to standing
crops and heavy loss of life and property. The State Government, which promptly
announced a relief package, completely failed in reaching out to the affected,
with the relief package not reaching even 10% of the affected farmers. With the
Central Government also failing to come to their rescue, the farmers have lost
every rupee that they earned in the past.

is important to recall that in the year 2009-10, when there were bumper crops,
because the State Government and FCI failed in its duty to implement MSP, the
farmers suffered heavily having been forced to sell their produce at Rs 300 per
quintal less than MSP, which itself fell heavily short of the remunerative
price. This naturally disheartened and demoralized the farmers, who in an
unprecedented manner have voluntarily declared crop holiday.

Phailin cyclone and the subsequent heavy rains and floods coming at this stage
impacting large sections of our farmers and rural artisans is like the last
straw on the camel’s back. Both the State and Central Governments have the
responsibility to reach out to those affected. Last year, the state suffered
because of Neelam cyclone and the floods in its aftermath. This has
unfortunately become an annual affair. The farmers, fishermen and weavers need
special help and support of the Government.

farmers are already in a quandary with the fertilizer prices going up by 200% in
the last three years. The other input costs have also gone up substantially,
making farming an extremely unviable activity. With the reverses that the
farmers in our State suffered because of the failure of both the Central and
State Governments during the last three years, almost all the farmers have
become debt trapped. We request that
the Central Government should come up with a fresh debt waiver scheme to come
to the rescue of the debt trapped farmers.

the light of the above, in addition to the aforesaid requests, the farmers,
rural artisans and others affected in the Phailin cyclone need the following
immediate help. We request that:

The crop
loans and interest, if any, thereon in respect of the fully affected crops
should be waived and fresh crop loans should be granted for next cropping
activity for all affected farmers including the tenant farmers.

The loans
extended to SHGs in the flood affected areas should be rescheduled by six
months without interest as most of them are being used for agriculture.

Government should supply seed for the upcoming Rabi crop at 75% subsidy.

Atleast 50%
of the insurance eligibility should be given upfront to all the eligible

Government should ensure procurement of partly damaged and discoloured paddy,
cotton, sugarcane, maize and other horticulture products.

accordance with the recommendations of Shri Bhupinder Singh Hooda committee, a
sum not less than Rs 10,000 per acre should be given from the Calamity Relief
Fund  to all the farmers including the
tenant farmers who lost their crops fully.

In all
cases of loss of life, a compensation of Rs 5 lakhs shall be paid to the
families affected.

Government must take up reconstruction of damaged houses at its cost. The
Government with a view to finding long term solution may sanction pucca houses.

compensation for loss of animals and poultry birds should be paid to those

Government should immediately extend relief partly through rations and partly
through some monetary compensation to all those rural workers who
suffered/continue to suffer loss of employment and consequent loss of income
because of floods till such time as they start getting their regular employment.

Government should fully compensate the fishermen who lost their boats and nets
during the recent floods.

the government should also compensate the weavers for the loss of their looms
and other raw material during the recent floods.

allocation of funds should be made both for desilting and for soil restoration
of agricultural lands in the flood affected areas.

will be happy to know that a large number of our senior Party functionaries and
workers have been actively participating in the relief work.

shall be grateful to you for timely help.


Yours sincerely

S Jagan Mohan Reddy)



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