International Level Scam

  • Huge corruption behind Swiss
    Challenge system
  • Real estate business with farmers’
  • Secret robbery with the help of Singaporean

TDP Government is robbing as much as possible under the mask of capital city
construction. Amaravthi is a capital city of international standards, just for
the namesake. The scams happening in its backdrop are, in fact, of
international standard. The agreement that took place between the consortium of
Singaporean companies and the state Government regarding the start up area
project planned in 1,691 acres of valuable land is the crucial point of this
scam. Altering the regulations in order to pick the companies of their choice
and planning to make the whole business run in the hands of one management
company are just some of the conspiracies involved.

Real estate business with farmers’

This is the real estate business planned to be carried out with zero
expenditure and farmers’ lands. Although it is the centre of the capital, no
construction will happen there. None of the primary structures like assembly or
secretariat will be there. The land will just be levelled and sold as plots. If
core capital area is developed, the lands of benamis of Government leaders
surrounding the area will have their value hiked. The state Government will
spend Rs.5,500 crore for basic infrastructure in core capital. Rs.221.9 crore
more will be spent on behalf of CCDMCL. Singaporean companies that have not
invested anything will have 58% share while the state Government that is
spending Rs. 5,721.9 crore will have just 42% of
share. Is this not robbery? 

Crores of rupees of profit with zero expenditure

The Government will not intervene even if Singaporean companies sell the
lands at its will. Layouts will be planned in 1691 acres and the plots will be
sold to third parties. For example, if the marketing company sells an acre of
land for Rs.10 crore, R.4 crore basic amount of the total price will be paid. The
company will deduct the expenditure put for marketing, publicity and other
expenses. Then the rest of the amount will be shared among themselves. This
means, Singaporean companies are spending nothing but earning through real
estate business.

Deception with sealed cover

The state Government decided Rs.4 crore as basic cost per acre of land
in seed capital area of 1,691 acre area. Nobody know how much Singaporean
companies are paying extra for this basic cost, because the quotation is sealed
secretly in a cover, to prevent other international companies from offering
their quotations. The sealing off of quotation itself is a huge deception. A
case is in the High Court regarding this sealed cover.

Management company for marketing

Although the consortium of
Singaporean companies and Capital Development Management and Corporation (CCDMC)
are together in Amaravathi Development Partner (ADP), the decision power lies
with the consortium. A management company is going to be appointed to take care
of the implementation of Swiss Challenge system, management, development,
marketing, operations, conduction of assets and publicity regarding layouts.
The estimated expenditure for all these also has been mentioned in the
proposal. After all these calculations, Singaporean companies will enjoy 58% of
the profits and state Government will be left with 42%. The management company
also will take good amount of fees.

Compromise with Singaporean companies

The state Government had to give
details of Swiss challenge out, after the High Court cautioned it against the
secrecy being maintained. The CRDA’s explanation proves that the CM entered
into compromise with Singaporean companies. CRDA revealed that the state
Government had agreed to appoint the company proposed by the consortium as
master developer of the seed capital, right in the beginning. The consortium
gave a proposal to the Government regarding the same, which were presented as ‘Sumoto
proposal’ by the state Government.

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