How YS Jagan proved Chandrababu wrong?

Three years ago, YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that he would put special status on top of the political agenda of the state. Three years down the line, we now see that the issue is the burining topic in AP and will decide who would be the winner in 2019 polls.

Chandrababu had then pooh-poohed YS Jagan and ridiculed his demand for special status. He said the special package was far more beneficial than the special status. He had also justified the acceptance of the special package saying the 14th Finance Commission has indicated that there would no more special status for any new state. He had even thanked the Centre for giving the special package.

Now the same Chandrababu is slamming the Centre and  is demanding special status. The TDP has also given enough indications that it will align with the same Congress that has left a truncated, denuded state for the Andhraites. Chandrababu is claiming that the Congress will give special status to Andhra Pradesh and hence he would join hands with it.

The Telugus have understood that all his theatrics are aimed at 2019 polls. His drama of no confidence motion has now fizzled out and it showed the shallowness of the TDP MPs. The people are now with the YSRCP, which has won the hearts through its continuous struggles and protests. It has managed to bring it on top of the agenda and has made everyone talk about it today.

Today, he has made everyone from Jana Sena to TDP to Congress talk about it. Everyone is giving the special status slogans. The people of the state have now pinned all their hopes on YS Jagan. That’s why the whole state is now rallying behind the young leader in the hope that he would be able to achieve special status for Andhra Pradesh. Hats off to his dogged pursuit and perseverance!

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