How Can These Acts Inspire The Public?

New Delhi: The leader of opposition in AP and president of YSR Congress party questioned how the members of the house where laws were made could defy the laws themselves. After meeting Sharad Pawar as part of New Delhi tour, YS Jagan spoke to the media. He condemned Chandrababu's unethical rule and unjust purchase of opposition MLAs. On this occasion he reminded the sanctity of the legislative houses. He mentioned that if the members of the legislative houses respected the laws made in them, it would be an inspiration to the people. YS Jagan expressed his displeasure towards the situation where the members defying the laws and the defectors were felicitated with high political positions and questioned what kind of inspiration would such acts give to the public. 

YS Jagan reminded that anti anti-defection law was part of the constitution and it was mentioned in the tenth schedule of it. He questions how one could defy something that was mentioned in the constitution. He stated that defiance of the constitution was a crime in any state.

YS Jagan supposed that certain loopholes in the anti-defection law were in fact giving way to unethical misuse of defection. He paticularly mentioned that the right to take action against the defectors had been given to the speaker and this was enabling unjust practice of defection. He reminded that being a leader from the ruling party, the speaker would naturally stay in support of the ruling party leaders. He complained that ultimately no action was being taken by the speaker against the defectors. He specified that in Andhra Pradesh repeated complaints given to the speaker against defection had gone waste. YS Jagan suggested that the election commission should be given the responsibility and authority of taking action against defector MLAs.
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