Hate Telugus, love Chinese!!

Chandrababu's love for anything foreign is well-known. He likes any technology in vogue outside India and wants to bring it to AP saying that our technologies are useless and our technocrats are waste. After returning from any foreign tour, he says he will transform Amaravati into the capital city of the city he has just toured. If he has his way, Amaravati would be like Singapore on Monday, Jakarta on Tuesday, Istanbul on Wednesday. He does not stop there. He then says that Indian or Telugu technicians, engineers and artisans are useless.

"I wanted the Chinese to complete a construction in nine months. They said they would do it in eight months. Can our people do it?" was what he said after a tour of China. He does not prefer local talent for the construction of Amaravati.

But, the very same Chandrababu goes hyperbolic when it comes to his contribution. According to him, Indian human resources are the best because of his government. He says the IT boom is because of him. How come our people are very good and our technologies are so very bad? Isn't it a fact that it is our boys and girls who are making things happen in foreign countries? If our technologies are bad, then who is responsible for it? Of course it is Chandrababu Naidu, who is the chief minister for the last four and a half years.

Apart from putting out mere photographs and graphic videos, he hasn't been able to even lay a brick for the AP Capital. Yet, he blames our technologies for his failures. He loves Chinese more than he loves our Telugus.
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