Has Babu invoked PA Sekhar to target Bala Krishna?

A couple of days ago, the Yellow media carried special reports on Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Bala Krishna's PA Sekhar and tried its best to create negative perception against Bala Krishna.
Bala Krishna who had supported his PA till the last minute, was forced to sack him. This happened at the instance of Chandrababu.
What is surprising is that the Yellow media which maintained silence over other murky deals of party leaders elsewhere like Riteswari suicide case that nailed party leaders involvement or reported misbehavior of TDP MLA Chintamneni Prabhakar who dragged Tahasildar Vanajakshi by hair in public, or in the case of Minister Ravela Kishore Babu harassed Guntur ZP chairperson Jani Moon, highlighted Sekhar's episode day in and day out and tried to create negative perception against Bala Krishna.
The talk in political circles is that these turn of events indicate that this is a clear plan of Chandrababu to focus Bala Krishna in bad light and tried to curb his minister aspirations. 
Political analysts who closely observe Chandrababu feel that without the support of the party high command, small leaders cannot declare a war of sorts against Sekhar. Some have gone to the extent of quitting the party. 
The local leaders led by former MLA CC Venkata Raidu, party senior leader Ambika Lakshmi Narayana declared a war of sorts against Sekhar and gone to the extent of quitting the party, if the controversial PA is not sacked. And, two ZPTC members even have put their papers. Even the MLAs scared to raise their voice before Chandrababu but some small leaders created ruckus until the PA was sacked and have put Bala Krishna in a fix. So, it was very clear the real target of the leaders was not Sekhar, but  Bala Krishna.
Chandrababu seems to have used the Hindupur episode to neutralize Bala Krishna's political ambitions.   
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