The Game of Double Entendre with the Courts Too!!!

Hyderabad: All the tough
classes of the state Government are uniting to agonize a woman MLA. The
divisions of all legislative and executive systems are working together
vengefully against MLA Roja, giving more importance to discussing in ministers’
conferences and meetings with Government officials and plotting schemes than to
ruling the state and may possibly continue this for 2 more days.

Actually, leaders of TDP Government clearly
knew that they were doing a mistake. Leader of opposition YS Jagan informed
that the speaker had no right to suspend for beyond a session according to rule
340 and suggested to back down. But ruling party leaders chose not to out of

After losing honour, TDP Government started
attempts to recover. MLA Roja herself brought the High Court’s orders on
Thursday and handed them over to the assembly’s secretary. After worrying
regarding what to do about it, CM Chandrababu and ministers decided to appeal
against the verdict. Having submitted a copy of the orders, MLA Roja announced
that she would go to assembly on Friday to attend the session. Governmnet
veterans chose to harass the woman MLA.

Even after
the High Court blamed the Government, the party’s leaders did not change. They
gave petition with the assembly’s general secretary to division bench. As they
are arguing that the assembly’s decision is supreme, the speaker or the
assembly’s secretary will not file the petition. They will obey the verdict of
the division bench only if it is convenient for them. Otherwise they will stick
to the argument that the house is supreme. The Government proved that they can not
only cut the state into two with their double entendre but also bluff the court.

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