Free For The Namesake

  • Names may be different but
    collection is the ultimate aim
  • TDP leaders addicted to the taste
    of sand money
  • Yellow leaders backed by administrative
  • Hyderabad: TDP proudly
    declares onscreen that sand is being given away for free. But behind the
    screen, sand is being robbed with the help of yellow leaders. The TDP leaders
    are snatching money under various names.

    Leaders addicted

    Chandrababu’s Government proved
    that huge amounts of money could be pocketed with the help of sand. TDP leaders
    have conquered sand reaches in every district and earned crores of rupees at
    every possible place. Finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu himself stated
    once that a scam involving Rs.2,000 crore had happened in sand. It can hence be
    understood what might have been the unofficial account for this. As the leaders
    of the ruling party are involved in this, the Government had to taste disgrace.
    So a wise attempt was made to regain its good name by wisely announcing sand as


    TDP leaders who have occupied the
    sand reaches are determined to not move from there. In the name of uploading
    charges, local development fund and donation for laying roads, they are
    snatching money. For instance, at Tadepalli reach near the capital area, a
    local TDP leader is dominating the field. He is grabbing money citing that they
    have laid roads there. 40-50 lorries have been arranged for supplying sand. It
    is the word of the mouth that an average income of Rs.50,000-60,000 per day is
    promised by this business. The officials are scared of questioning him as he is
    a ruling party leader from the capital area.

    Known secrets

    CM Chandrababu Naidu is well aware
    of these activities by TDP leaders. That is why he is trying to act sincere and
    boasting to have given sand for free. Administrative mechanism is in support of
    the sand mafia any way. The incident involving woman Tehsildar Vanajakshi
    exemplifies what will happen if any officer comes intervenes with the sand
    mafia. So the scamsters are being focused as mafia and Chandrababu is being
    projected as a sincere leader.

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