Foundation in Lands grabbed by threatening

Chandrababu anxious on Real Estate Business

Chandrababu cheated with his fallacious talks

Hyderabad: The YSRCP senior leader Parthasarathy made furious comments on TDP Government; he said that Chandrababu & Co is building illusionary ‘Bhramaravathi’, they are behaving as if capital is a family matter by not answering any of the questions asked by the opposition. He said that all this is happening in a Real Estate trend; in fact Chandrababu agreed in an interview that Real Estate business is done.

Believing you… many were forestalled

Parthasarathy said that Chandrababu’s statement that the farmers gave lands voluntarily is all thrash. He questioned that is it not true that the lands were forcefully grabbed from the farmers by threatening the farmers using Sec.30, 144. He reminded that the foreigners who studied the systems followed by Chandrababu also confirmed that he is doing Real Estate Business in the name of Capital. He asked Chandrababu whether he is able to understand how many farmers and women were completely betrayed by him.

Against Corruption..!

Parthasarathy said that they were not opposing Capital construction but were opposing the forced land grabbing. He pointed that the ministers announced that only nine crores was being spent on foundation ceremony and also challenged if they can do it without spending any extra penny. Parthasarathy mentioned that they were telling that the sponsors are bearing the foundation day expenses then they must also reveal what these sponsors were expecting in return. Chandrababu said that the illegal buildings on the banks of Krishna River will be demolished but now he constructed a road for his guest house there with Rs.70 crores, he said.

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