Form May Vary But Vengeance Is The Same

  • Vengeance against the farmers who have not given away their lands
  • Threat from Chandrababu's Government in different ways
  • Recent threats in the form of road construction
  • Amaravathi: The Government is taking its revenge on the farmers of the capital area who have not given away their lands. It is adopting different ways for this. Recent cause of worry for them is the Government's marking for road construction. They are expressing their concern towards the unreasonable vengeance shown by the Government.

    Same attitude since the beginning

    The intention of Chandrababu's Government is to snatch thousands of acres of land from farmers of 29 villages in the capital area. They put it into action by threatening the farmers with false rumours and by luring them. Still some of the farmers denied to give away their lands to Babu. So the Government resorted to unfair ways to attain its selfish means.

    The agricultural appliances in the lands of those farmers were burnt. The 5.5 acre sugarcane crop of a famer Gadde Chandrasekhar was put on fire. 5 acre banana crop was brought down with bulldozers just because it was not given away. People in the areas pretty well know that these acts have been done by goons of TDP. Still no action has been taken against them.

    Threats with the name of roads

    Stage is being set up for construction of roads in the capital area. Huge number of lands are being collected for this purpose. If there are any lands or houses that have not already been given away, marking for road construction is being done on them. Local people have understood that this is an act of revenge. They held a protest in front of CRDA office on Monday against this.

    They pleaded to not cause them distress with the name of roads. They met CRDA commissioner Srikanth and requested for avoiding their lands from pooling and saving them from vengeful acts. Srikanth promised them that he would talk to CM Chandrababu Naidu regarding this.

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