Farmers Techno-shocked By Chandrababu

Hyderabad: Chandrababu’s Government is making serious attempts to doom
the farmers of the state with its craze for technology. The cancellation of
pass books and title deeds is being described as curse to the farmers. The
Government has recently announced the cancellation of pass books and title
deeds from the 1st of July. The farmers are astonished to hear that
the sale-purchase transactions and getting loans will now happen only online.
They are complaining against TDP for cancelling the system introduced by NTR.
There has always been a chance to get loans using pass books for children’s
education or weddings but now the hope is no more, the farmers are exclaiming. 

Online craze

Although most of
farmers do not possess the documents regarding their ancestral properties, they
have had the lands with them. Even if pass books were given, most of the lands
did not get registered in ROR. Now the Government has cancelled the system of
both title deeds and the pass books and is asking them to perform transactions
based on only online information. Now in order to obtain a loan from the banks,
unlike before, they have to first roam around the VRO, the RI and the deputy Tehsildar
in the revenue offices.

The situation of

This decision is a big
blow to the illiterates. They are terrified about their situation if the
information is changed online without their knowledge. They are wondering what
should be done if the names of the owners were changed with the change of
survey numbers and farmers’ names being very easy in Revenue Settlement
Registration (RSR).

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