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Hide and Seek regarding permit
YS Jagan fear...

The yellow brothers are worried and hiding themselves in fear of facing the Leader of Opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is struggling for  the special status. On realizing about the stage set for the indefinite hunger strike by YS Jagan, on September 26th, in Guntur, the yellow party is unrest. Foreseeing the consequences, the ruling party is trying to snub the fight by dramatic situations. One example is the meeting planned to be conducted in the SV University, by YS Jagan.

YS Jagan Fear ..!
The permission for the Conference relating to the "Special Status importance and significance"  previously planned in the SV University Auditorium  has been approved at first and finally, the approval is also been taken back by the Government. This is done, by the government, as it could realize that Jagan will be addressing the conference. To stop that, government stated that Meetings and conferences are not allowed in the universities and projected its attitude towards the special status.

Jealous about the Fight
Many of the leaders of the political forums criticized the statements and morals stated by the ruling party  that, meetings and conferences are not allowed in Universities. They reminded that during general elections, Modi's election campaign was held at the SV University. Last year June 4th, Chandrababu Naidu conducted a meeting in the University Senate Hall to elect the leader. National conference of AISF has been conducted in Srinivasa  auditorium. Finally, on June 14, they allowed the audio function of Bahubali  to take place in the University campus. However, the government is not letting any meeting of the Opposition party to happen in the University campus. Is this justice? questioned YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He said, it is only that the ruling party is jealous about them.
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