Everything is done by you

Hyderabad: All the benefits are
getting exhausted by the cunning tricks played by Chandrababu Naidu on the
Special status for Andhra Pradesh. Chandrababu failed in getting the status and
other benefits which were promised at the time of partition which was very clear
under law.

He only focused on
self sustaining and pledged the State Capital to Singapore. He is trying all
means to divert the focus of Central Government on this issue of conspiracy, is
the talk heard all around strongly. He is trying to patch up with the
Government to protect himself from any cases in the future. Due to this, a
situation is raised where almost few generations of people will be losing. On
one hand this if this is the case, the Ministers and MPs, who are the well
wishers of Babu are further playing a mind game.  

While one leader says,
see we need special privilege, the other leader says, the status is no way
required. Some other leader says, it would be fine, if they announce the
package. By this, they are becoming successful in diverting the focus of people
in the State.

The latest statements
given by Babu in the recent party meeting is supporting the above. It is to be
noted that Babu mentioned that we need to deal with the Centre in a smoother
way rather than get the task done by hurting the Central Government is what is
observed. His fear is only that if he tries to fight with the Centre, he may be
caught on the Singapore conspiracy.

So, as a part of it,
they are exhibiting this behavior is clearly visible.

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