Electricity Shocks the Poor Yet Again

  • Government gets ready to serve people with
    high power bills
  • Charges rise for the second time in 2 years
  • Rs.2000 crore worth weight on the heads of
    the poor
  • This
    is the result of downsize of TDP Government’s subsidy
  • The state’s people in agony

TDP Government, already busy serving common people with rise in prices of essential
commodities, RTC bus tickets and petrol and imposing taxes and taxes over
taxes, is now getting ready to give them shock with electricity bill. Stage is
being prepared to put heavy weight of Rs.2000 crore on the heads of people.
Electricity Regulatory Commission has gotten ready to issue the pertinent orders
in 2-3 days.  The new charges may be
implemented from the 1st of April.

is the second time since TDP came to power that the electricity charges rose. In
2015-16 TDP Government laid Rs.941 crore weight on the heads of common people. AP
electricity distribution companies in their tariff proposals for financial year
2016-17 suggested a rise of Rs.738 crore and decided to attain Rs.1217 crore by
indirect means. They proposed that there would be Rs.5148 crore of financial
deficits in 2016-17. As the Government was expected to give Rs.4365 crore as
subsidy, it was downsized to Rs.3000 crore. Due to this cut back, the
electricity companies have decided to impose the burden of Rs.2148 crore on
common man.

People are frustrated to see how the
Government is buying huge quantities of power from private power companies and
laying burden on them. On recognizing this, TDP Government has planned to
impose the charges on people indirectly. As part of this, Group system is going
to be brought to practice. Presently, telescoping system is under practice in
the state to charge the domestic consumers depending on the number of units
used. Now as the group system emerges, consumers are going to be charged basing
on annual consumption.

Because of this, the people who consume 50
units will be burdened. A consumer who uses an average of 600 units per year will
fall into the next level of tariff from the next year if he uses at least 1
extra unit. This group system is going to trouble almost 40 lakhs of common

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