Does Babu Have Something To Do With Panama Papers?!

Hyderabad: Whenever Panama
papers, the database of names of people with unlawful financial dealings comes
out, the name of Chandrababu Naidu is surfacing. While the name of Ajay Devgan,
the brand ambassador of AP came out some time back, recently, the name of
Prasad, the director of Heritage company owned by Chandrababu’s family saw

After Chandrababu came
to power following 2014 elections, certain transformations happened in
Heritage. Motaparthi Siva Rama Prasad was appointed as an independent director.
He owns companies in British Virgin Islands, Panama and Ecuador. He faces
accusations for defaulting taxes from these companies. Sunil, the son of Prasad
has apparently invested in certain startup companies in Hyderabad. Being an
NRI, Prasad is managing certain companies in Hyderabad as a director. He also
holds businesses in Ghana, Togo and USA. Panama papers mention that he has
evaded paying taxes of these companies and been circulating money abroad.
Heritage has announced Prasad as its director. The company’s president
Sambasiva Rao has confirmed his appointment himself.

Recently, Ajay Devgan,
who was appointed by Chandrababu as the brand ambassador of AP, has had his
name shown on Panama papers. It is very clear that black money has a role in
such a person being appointed as the brand ambassador. Now with the exposure of
the director of Babu’s family business, eyebrows are being raised about
Chandrababu’s possible unlawful dealings. TDP is silent on this issue, as would
be expected of them.

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