CM Ramesh stands exposed, but Yellow Media is silent

When IT raids were conducted on his premises, TDP MP CM Ramesh was petulant, adamant and arrogant. He used bombast to browbeat those questioning him. His sheer arrogance during a TV debate on ABN channel was seen to be believed. He slapped his thighs in arrogance and twirled his mustache is a disgusting show of brazenness. He hurled unprintable invectives on the BJP and its MP GVL Narasimha Rao. Interestingly, the same media went overboard criticizing YS Jagan when he had said that Chandrababu should be shot dead, is deafeningly silent and shamelessly silent on CM Ramesh’s harangue.

But, now IT probe is digging deeper into CM Ramesh’s riches and the probe, for all we know, is inexorably moving towards Chandrababu and his son. It has become clear that CM Ramesh was benefited for the works he did not do and the money so got was quietly diverted to other companies. It has come to light that the Chandrababu Government has given contracts worth several hundreds of crores to CM Ramesh’s Ritwik, which is a fledgling company with no past record of big contracts. 

IT sources have found that at least Rs 100 crore have been siphoned off. What is interesting is that the Yellow Media, which is over enthusiastic peddling anti-YS Jagan stories, is deafeningly silent on these stunning revelations about CM Ramesh. They are trying to cover up Ramesh’s misdeeds with debates on Sabarimala and Punjab tragedy.

It is now clear that CM Ramesh had created shell companies to divert money and their siphon it off. It has also come to light that he had created fake bills to show purchases of steel and other construction material. For instance, EDCO India Pvt Ltd, a fictitious company, got money channeled into its accounts from Ritwik. The company is registered in the name of one of Ramesh’s employee. All the labels and stamps of Edco are with an employee of Ramesh.

The company was shown to have bought steel and other construction material. But, the firms that sold the material exist only on the bills. Several crores have been siphoned off. It is quite clear that the Government has given money to this firm even though the company did no work.
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