Change The Name Of Maha Sankalpa Deeksha To Maha Cheating Deeksha

() Criticism riding against Chandrababu's maha sankalpam

() Attempts to bring awareness in people

() Cases being filed against Babu throughout the state

Hyderabad: It is customary to review development after a programme is planned and executed. Even the progress of school children is assessed from time to time and is reported to the parents on annual basis too.
There are criteria to measure development in democratic system also. That is why the Cheif Minister and the Governor are made to address the people on Republic Day and Independence Day respectively every year. It is customary to announce to the people the development achieved by the Government on these occasions.
Now Chandrababu completed 2 years of administration. He decided celebrate this for a week and executed it. He conducted pomp and fair with Government's money. These celebrations continued till Nava Nirmana Deeksha was held and Maha Sankalpa Sabha was conducted.
Still there is nothing worth mentioning except Chandrababu's lies and bluffing. Debts are mounting. Now again Chandrababu is getting ready to borrow Rs.1500 crore. Promises made to people like that of loan waiver are still untouched. Implementation of welfare schemes is out of question. Pension that is to be granted to the physically challenged, the aged and the widows has been cancelled citing various reasons. Graphical images are been exhibited in the name of capital city and lands are being snatched from farmers.
After troubling these many people, how can TDP name its prestigious meeting as Maha Sankalpa Sabha? Is it to be understood that the same deceptive practices will be repeated? That is why cases are being lodged against Chandrababu Naidu today in police stations throughout the state, as decided by YSRCP.
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