Chandrababu's vastu fetish costing AP dearly

For all his talk of computers and high-end technology, AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is higly superstitious. He watches his every step and wants everything to confirm to vastu and astrology. Fear of losing power is making his extra-cautious.

Sources say that if he gets a whiff of suspicion about some vaastu issue, he bluntly cancels the engagement. Whe he was to inaugurate the Gurajada Kalakshetram in Visakhapatnam, someone told him that all those who visited the Kalakshetram lost their power. So, Chandrababu did not even unveil the plague. He did not step into the Kala Kshetram.

 Ditto with Acharya Nagarjuna University. Chandrababu believes that the ANU has bad vaastu and if he visits the university, he would lose power. So, he had even missed the inaugural of the Youth Science Congress. When the varsity wanted to celebrate teachers’ day at ANU, he insisted that the programme be shifted to the parade grounds.

 Even when he was in Hyderabad, he got modifications done to the H Block of the secretariat to comply with the vastu specifications. He spent huge sums to renovate state guest house in Vijayawada but never stayed there due to vaastu reasons. Babu fears that even Velagapudi secretariat has vastu issues. Hence, he is taking a different route to reach Velagapudi. Walls was razed and six new gates were constructed to comply with Vaastu.

Do you know that Chandrababu is always tensed up during the month of August. Every August, the party faced crises. Nadendla Bhaskar Rao revolt and the 1995 revolt happened in August. Every August, the party passes through difficult times. So, Chandrababu is extra cautious during this month.

The result of these vastu fetishes and superstitions is that public money is being wasted in a big measure.

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