Chandrababu schemes list is as lengthy as Palavaram estimates list

Everyone wants name and fame and wants the people to remember one long after one is gone. But, this has reached gargantuan proportions for Chandrababu Naidu. He is naming the programmes after himself. Usually, the schemes are named after legendary persons who make signal contribution to public life. But, Chandrababu Naidu is names schemes after himself. He perhaps wants the people to remember him by his schemes. But, such things are like bubbles, they are impermanent.

None of the schemes named after him are churning out quality output. Yet, the list is endless like the ever-growing list of Polavaram estimates. Chandranna Sankranthi Kanuka, Ramjaan Kanuka and Christmas Kanuka are being slammed for the poor quality of the material supplied. Even schemes meant for soil testing, farmer awareness programmes and awards for ideal farmers are named after Chandrababu Naidu. But, all these have ended up as huge failures.

The icing on the cake is Chandranna Samkshema Baata, a scheme meant to popularize Chandrababu’s schemes. But, the point is what is the use of popularizing schemes that do not exist on ground?

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