Chandrababu open your eyes…

Pulivendula: Chandrababu Naidu has failed pathetically in giving courage and assurance on farmer suicides, said the YSRCP Chief & opposition leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The leader who is in Pulivendula visit made furious comments..

1.       Chandrababu never responds unless there is some publicity advantage, he will stand in the front line if he gets publicity.

2.       A farmer Rajasekharanna, of Pulivendula region has committed suicide by consuming pesticide 18 days back but the government did not even bothered to pay attention, what should we understand?

3.       So many farmers are committing suicides not finding hope to pay back crop debts, not even one officer visits after the incident…I don’t understand the reason for this cruelty.

4.       Are they not able to notice that the dead farmer was a farmer or are they prone to bias because the dead farmer belongs to Pulivendula region?

5.       Very sad that Chandrababu is not thinking of how these poor farmer families survive

6.       In Ananthapuram, 46 farmers committed suicides and I visited all the 46 farmer families’ houses and shocked to know that the Government people did not go to more than 20 houses.

7.       Chandrababu is boasting that Rs.5 lakhs is given to the family of the farmer who committed suicide but there is nothing in implementation.

8.       The government said that they will give Rs.1.50 lakhs to the farmer’s debtors and deposit Rs.3.50 lakhs in the bank account but there is nothing credited to the accounts, how many farmer families will they deceive like this?

9.       The Government should answer, what is it doing? Why is it not able to do? Why are they not giving compensation to the families?

10.   At least now the government should open its eyes and help the families of the farmers who committed suicide. Chandrababu should put aside his publicity craziness and do justice to every farmer family by giving compensation.

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