Chandrababu mesmerises with words..!

Boasting that he did everything..
In YSR’s reign huge funds to Thotapalli

Chandrababu is quite eager in claiming the accomplishments of Late Chief Minister Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy as his own and to boast. The Great Leader Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy as taken up several projects as part of his ‘Jalayagnam’ to make the state evergreen. But now Chnadrababu is dedicating projects to the Nation without even starting the works in the projects. He is boasting that the river interlinking is his achievement though that was done even before his time.

Treacherous Announcements
In the ruling of Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy, Rs.400 Crores were released to Thotapalli Project, but Chandrababu released just Rs.55 Crores fund for the project and is making boasting announcements that he started the project. The Sompeta MLA Gouthu Syamsundar Sivaji said that  the promise given by YSR has been fulfilled by this project with which 10 mandals in Vijayanagaram and 7 mandals in Srikakulam will get water.

Drama for the Lands
The Chief Minister who went to Vijayanagaram for inauguration of the project has another plan in mind. He started attempts to take away the livelihood of the farmers by asking them to give lands for the Bhogapuram Airport. He requested the farmers not to believe the opposition and trying to convince them to give land for the airport. It is quite funny that the twin of drought, Chandrababu, is making statement that he will make the state into a drought free state.
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