Chandrababu Admitted AP Top In Crime Against Women In India

Finally, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu admitted the state of Andhra Pradesh stood first among others in the atrocities on women in India. He also felt it was unfortunate that growing incidence of crime against women is a big concern to his government.  

Ever since Chandrababu assumed CM office, harassement of women has become a regular phenomenon in the state. The number of rape cases and attack on women have been increasing every year. The ruling party leaders in collusion with police are targeting women by forcing them into sex rackets.  

Chandrababu had taken up a vigorous campaign on the safety of women in the last elections.  After coming to power,  not a single measure was taken for the protection of women in the entire state. The incidents like assault on  dalit and tribal women increased many fold.  

Unfortunately, government also failed to render justice to the victims.  The controversial comments made by Chandrababu and his support to giving more number births of baby boys also exposed the government's attitude towards maintaining gender equality in the state. 

The Chief Minister never considered harassement of women a social menace and also failed to contain such incidents in his rule.
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