Can You Not See This, Babu?

  • The Government's ignorance towards the problems of drought and drinking water scarcity
  • Districtwise reviews out of practice
  • Fight against the unresponsive Government
  • Vijayawada: The problems of drought and drinking water scarcity are highly prevalent both in rural areas and in urban areas. Still Chandrababu's Government is exhibiting indifference towards the issue.

    The problem grows by the day

    It is a known fact that Chandrababu and drought are twins. As Chandrababu got into power, the drought has come uninvited into the picture and has settled down since two years. This summer is very hot intensifying the drinking water scarcity. Besides the Goverment's failure to supply drinking water to the people, water mafia is getting prevalent by the day. The Goverment that should have been by the side of the people in such a situation is acting ignorant to the whole issue.

    What has happened to the district reviews?
    In fact, internal reviews used to happen to protect democracy presided by district in-charges with the district collector as executive member. MPs, MLAs and zilla parishad leaders are members. This meeting used to happen once in every 3 months. They even used to call it 'mini assembly'. The problems in the respective districts used to be reviewed and ordered for solution.

    Where is administration amidst the atrocities?
    There is no trace of administration seen in the district apart from atrocities, leave alone worrying about people's problems. Hence the Government is scared of holding district review meetings with the fear of being questioned by the opposition about their misdeeds.
    This is why opposition YSR Congress party has decided to question the Government on behalf of people and remind the Government of its responsibility. It has gotten ready to fight against the problems of drought and drinking water scarcity. A huge protest is going to be conducted under the leadership of YSRCP president YS Jagan.

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