Bombast, thy name is Chandrababu

If there is any politician known for bombast and big talk, it is none other than Chandrababu Naidu. He is given to hyperbole and claims credit for every good thing everywhere. But, he is also quick to disown if the scheme fails. Take for instance the demonetization. When it was announced, Chandrababu claimed that it was his idea and fully backed it. But, when he found the people suffering due to unending waits and long queues, he changed trrack and simply dumped it. Then in a brainwave, he ensured that butter milk from his Heritage Milks was supplied to those waiting in the queues at the ATMs.

Ditto with Polavaram. He is claiming credit for Mucchumarri and Paidipalem projects. In fact, YSR had completed 90 per cent of the projects. He secured all the permissions and had completed even canal works. Now, Chandrababu is claiming credit for these two projects.  On Polavaram, Chandrababu resorted to so much melodrama that it would put the best actors to shame. He could not complete the project and then renamed the canals. The Left canal dug during YSR regime was renamed Patti Seema and Right canal was rechristened Purushottapatnam projects. Not just that, he unveiled three plaques for this one project. He promised to complete Polavaram by 2018. He even challenged YS Jagan on this issue. But, now there is no sign of the project being completed even in 2019.

Another case in point is Veligonda project. YSR had completed 70 per cent of the project. With Chandrababu’s entry, corruption entered into the project. What is interesting is Chandrababu is on record opposing big projects. Today, he is talking of big irrigation projects.

He is now talking of rising petro prices. Interestingly, AP is among the states that levies highest amount of taxes on petroleum products. So, whenever fuel prices rise, Chandrababu stands to gain. He will levy more taxes and get more revenue. If he is truly sincere, he should stop hiking taxes on petro prices like Goa and other states. This will help bring relief to the people. But, Chandrababu being Chandrababu only talks about petro price hike and actually levies more and more taxes on it.

This is how Chandrababu works. Bombast and more bombast. All sound and fury that signifies nothing. 
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