Babu, Wake Up To See The Drowning State

  • The state disturbed by
    heavy rainfall
  • Crops and houses
  • People locked amidst
  • Devastated by
    infectious fevers
  • Chandrababu as
    indifferent as ever

AP has been devastated
due to continuos heavy rains. Houses have collapsed, crops are drowned and
people have lost their things. Many have died due to the rainfall and the
Government is sitting as idle as ever. It has failed miserably in taking
preventive measures as well as in performing efficient assistance measures. As
water from canals and lakes in Guntur and Prakasam districts has flowed into
low level areas, people are locked amidst water. Roads and railway tracks are
destroyed, leading to halt in transport system. People are not able to receive
basic commodities. Situation in agency areas is worse. Roads are closed due to
stocked rainwater. Supply of electricity has been stopped. People are spending
time with fear. With wastewater entering the houses, people are falling prone
to infectious and contagious diseases.

Did people ask for
golf courses and airports?

The Government is
apparently indifferent to the suffering of the flood victims. The CM who has to
review the intensity of drought and the poor state of people from time to time
is instead showing interest on construction of airports and golf courses,
giving importance to publicity. Ministers seem to be sleeping. The opposition
is slamming the Government for pretending to shed tears after all possible
destruction is over. It is suggesting that the common man does not want golf
courses or air ports and demanding for assistance to the flood victims.

No one to rescue from
infectious fevers

Many colonies are
being drowned in waste water due to heavy rains. With the water being stocked
in the houses for days, germs are growing quickly, giving infections to people.
Government hospitals are being filled with patients. People who cannot receive
proper medical care are dying. It is being criticised that the Governments are
not even bothering to hold health camps. Transport to flooded areas came to a
pause and villages have gone dark due to stopped supply of electricity. No
measures have been taken to better the situation. Instead of preventing spread
of diseases by establishing health camps and special arrangements in Government
hospitals, Babu is going after his selfish benefits, much to the agony of

Liking for political
position surpassing responsibility towards people

Babu has been
concentrating on stealing and saving since he came to power, neglecting
development of the state. Getting caught in some or the other legal case and
getting stay from the court has become a common routine for him, long with
vengeful deeds towards the opposition. The opposition is suggesting that
Chandrababu should open his eyes at least now in order to come to the aid of
the suffering people.

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